Cloverpop Infographic No. 1 – The Mars & Venus of Big Decisions

Feast your eyes on some mind-blowing datalicious info!

Cloverpop Infographic No. 1 - The Mars & Venus of Big Decisions

Sharing this data is part of our mission to upgrade life’s big decisions. Every quarter we’ll be publishing a new infographic, based on the company’s in-house research and external sources, that aims to explain the whens, whats, hows and whys of life’s big decisions. This first installment, “The Mars & Venus of Big Decisions,” explores the way each sex approaches decision-making.

We culled these insights from Cloverpop research involving nearly 4,000 adults from 2012-2014. Key takeaways include:

  • 32% of our big decisions revolve around work, almost twice as often as decisions related to those we love.
  • Women are six times as likely to contemplate decisions to divorce or go back to work, while men are twice as likely to face decisions about starting businesses or getting married.
  • Moms in their 30s face the most complex mix of big decisions — juggling work, home and education decisions like everyone else in addition to many family related decisions.

Looking for an accessible PDF version? Here you go.

Photographic Art and Cloverpop

Big decisions conjure up big emotions. That meant we needed some truly impactful artwork for the Cloverpop experience.

We found what we needed on the 500px website. There are few experiences more immersive than spending forty hours flowing through incredible photographic art searching for the right mix of aesthetics, emotional impact and thematic meaning. Here are the results:

We just love this image! John is a Swiss artist, and he composed this image from several separate photographs, creating an amazing sense of challenge and opportunity. Definitely check out more of John’s incredible work.

Photograph the silence of snow by Viktoria Haack on 500px

the silence of snow by Viktoria Haack on 500px

Viktoria took this self-portrait on a snowy day in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. She happened to have her new umbrella with her, and we think the result is stunning.

Lars loves to walk among the trees in Heiloo, the Netherlands, and he thought the woman walking her dog made a perfect scene, especially after adding subtle paint-like effects. We agree.

Michael is a world-class photographer, and we think this photo brings out the vitality and beauty of San Francisco, mixed with a good dose of adrenalin and a view of Cloverpop HQ!

We don’t know how Max gets some of his shots, but they are all fantastic. Max reminds us of our place in the world – how small we are, and how far we can see.

Photograph Forever by Jake Olson Studios on 500px

Forever by Jake Olson Studios on 500px

Jake has an incredible eye for sweeping vistas, using light and perspective to place us in a landscape full of possibility and promise.

Cloverpop Launch 1-2-3 for Coaches

On Tuesday morning, September 9th, we’re taking the covers off and launching Cloverpop! That means a lot more potential clients will be coming to the site, so we recommend you spend a couple of minutes checking out what’s new, especially for coaches. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.




1 – Check out the new Decision Leads dashboard!User Drop Down Menu

To see the dashboard: Log in to Cloverpop, go to the user drop down menu in the upper right corner of any page, and select Coaching Dashboard.

Read more about how to use the Decision Leads Dashboard below.

2 – Check out your beautiful new Coach Profile page!

Coaches are ready to help you work out uncertainties, take on challenges and stay motivated to put your decisions into action.

To view your profile page: When logged in, click the white “View Your Profile” button found at the top of your Coaching Dashboard, right beside the welcome message.

To update your profile page: When logged in, go to the user drop down menu in the upper right corner of any page, and select Coach Account. Make your changes, and click “Save.”

To update your profile picture: Go to and follow the instructions to create or update your picture.

3 – Check out the rest of this blog posting to learn more about what’s new!




First Time User ExperienceWe’ve worked hard over the past several months to improve the experience for deciders and coaches.

Deciders will have an enhanced first-time user experience, a smoother decision flow, fun and insightful decision analytics, and more extensive exposure to coaches.

And coaches get several new tools to help you more easily find and engage with potential clients:

Decision Leads Dashboard

Decision Leads Dashboard

This new dashboard provides a ‘Lead Score’ and summarizes the decisions to help you find deciders who are most likely to become coach clients. If a new lead has a score of 9 or higher, then you’ll see a little “hot!” icon calling your attention to the best coaching opportunities.

If a decision looks interesting, just click the “Follow” button. We’ll let the decider know you are a potential coach match, and display your match for all to see (more on that Improved Coach Merchandising below). If a decision really catches your eye, click the link to read more about the decision and give some coaching comments. That’s the best way to encourage potential online clients to engage.

Improved Coach Merchandising

The decision flow helps you tell the story of your decision.

Now when you follow a decision or give coach comments, not only will Cloverpop let them know they have a coach match, the potential client will also see your smiling face and be able to click through to your beautiful coach profile page. Plus, so will anyone else who is facing a similar decision!

Beautiful Coach Profile Pages

Coaches are ready to help you work out uncertainties, take on challenges and stay motivated to put your decisions into action.

These pages share more about you and your coaching approach. They also prominently feature the Cloverpop decisions you help with, and the coaching comments you’ve made. So the more Cloverpop coaching you do, the more potential clients will be able to learn about you! And if they want to engage in a paid coaching session, the profile pages now have…

Direct Coach Purchasing

Coach Purchase

Now anyone who comes to your profile page can not only learn about you and your coaching, but they can immediately connect with you for paid online coaching in two clicks!

Decision Analytics

Cloverpop analyzes the decisions, providing suggestions for making the best choice.

Now when you engage with clients online, you also have access to Cloverpop decision analytics. These straightforward measures give you insight into the client’s situation and help guide your coaching. How strong is Cloverpop’s prediction? How much experience does the person have? How stark are the trade-offs involved? That’s all there now, and more coming soon!



We’ll be sending more updates about the launch in the coming days. Off we go!

Coming Soon: The Cloverpop Infographic Series!

Upcoming InfographicWe’ve got awesome data coming out of our ears, so we’ve decided to get it in front of your eyes!

On September 9th we’ll be announcing the Cloverpop Infographic series. Each one will be chock full of fun and informative insights into the biggest decisions in our lives, sourced from the latest scientific studies and our own extensive research.

Get ready to feast your eyes on some mind-blowing datalicious info!

Cloverpop Private Beta Early Access!

We’ve been working on Cloverpop for the past year. Now we’re getting ready to launch, and we would love to have your help making it truly successful. We need people like you to try it and give us feedback!

Cloverpop helps people make big decisions in life and business. It’s free and anonymous, and it really works. See it in action in this quick demo video:

Are you thinking about moving, changing jobs, starting or expanding a business, having a baby, getting a dog? Cloverpop can help. Know somebody else facing decisions like these? Cloverpop can help them, too.

Be first to join Cloverpop and create a new source of information about the most important choices in our lives and work. Be part of a new community. Help us set the tone. Be thoughtful. Be open. Be real.

We’re still in Private Beta. But friends like you get early access! First, sign up with this special link:

Then here’s what to do:

    • Have a big decision on your mind? Try it out!
    • Know someone else facing a big decision? Forward this email and they can try it, too.
    • Good at giving advice? Search for a decision that catches your interest, and share your thoughts.

Want to help out even more? Copy and share this on Facebook:

Here is a very cool idea that we should all support! My friend’s startup Cloverpop helps people make big decisions. It’s free and anonymous, and really works. They are still in stealth mode, but here is a special link you can use to sign up for early access:

Welcome! (And Your “Why?”)

Welcome to all of YOU, our amazing coaches!

I have had a chance to talk on the phone or in person to all or most of you and I have been impressed and inspired by each of you. I am so excited that you are all bringing your gifts and passions to the world and I am equally excited that you decided to join our team and share some of your greatness with us!

Now it’s time to get to know each other a little better.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” ~ Simon Sinek

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.50.21 PMSimon Sinek’s TED talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” explains why the WHY is so important if you want people to truly resonate with your message and you want to become a business that people want to align themselves with and work with.

After you watch it, post your “Why” below. Why do you do what you do? Why do your clients need you and why are you so compelled to help them?

We all want to know what you are up to and this is a great place for you to show up as the full expression of yourself!


Should you quit your job?

We’ve learned a lot about big decisions like quitting your job while building Cloverpop.

What’s the magic answer? You tell me.

Goodbye, job.It helps a lot to think carefully through your decision to quit. Your mind may change, and for sure you will feel relieved from the feeling of waiting and worrying. That’s why we built Cloverpop – it makes it easy to think carefully through decisions and get a sense of relief and clarity in about ten minutes. Plus it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to try it.

But if you also like data, here are some observations about people who have used Cloverpop to think through if they should quit their jobs.

  • “Should I quit my job?” is the most common life decision people face. That doesn’t help you know what to do, but at least you should know that you’re not alone. It’s really not just you.
  • Before using Cloverpop, about 14% of people thinking about quitting their job believe they should definitely quit. Once they use Cloverpop, that doubles to 29%, a big jump in confidence.
  • In general, most people lean towards quitting, about 56% before using Cloverpop and 61% after.
  • On the other hand, 44% think they probably or definitely should stay in their job, and that drops by half to 24% after using Cloverpop.

Why is this the case? Is Cloverpop trying to convince everyone to quit their jobs, and doing a good job of it, at that?

Nope, even though quitting can feel great.

A job in hand may not be worth the ones in the bushI think those results happen because we naturally over-value the situation we have versus the situation we could have. Scientists have found that we literally believe a bird in hand is worth two in the bush…we have a natural bias that makes us afraid of losing things.

We designed Cloverpop in part to help counteract such biases, which is perhaps reflected in that data above. Cloverpop helps people see why they are wondering about quitting their job, and that there are attractive alternatives to staying in their job. It’s a safe way to get your real thoughts and feelings out on the table, and better understand your motivations. That’s probably why 98% of people find it helpful.

And we just released our new friend feature, so you can invite a few close friends or advisors to share their thoughts and support as you decide. Getting other perspectives from a few other people you know well can dramatically improve your decisions, as this article in the Harvard Business Review describes. Plus, it honors your friends and feels good for you.

Should you quit, or should you not? Don’t wait and worry. Cloverpop.